The 2009 RITA and Golden Heart finalists are…

***Click here for the official list***

OMG! I can hardly keep up with the list of people in my writing groups! You gals are going to fill the entire list!! Here goes what I’ve pulled from my massive inbox so far… (I’ll make this pretty and add titles later, promise!) Congratulations, gals!!

(P.S. This is not an all-inclusive list, just a shout-out to those I’m acquainted with. Check out the blogs I listed in my last post for complete lists–though it looks like RWA is on the ball this year.)


Julia London (ARWA) – Novella

Sherry Thomas (ARWA) – Historical AND First Book!

Golden Heart:

Louisa Cornell (Pixie) – Regency Historical

Kim Howe (Pixie) – Romantic Elements AND Series Suspense!

CJ Eernisse (Pixie) – Historical

Amanda Brice (Pixie) – YA

Katie Graykowski (ARWA) -

Kelly Ann Riley (Pixie) – Inspirational

Bev Pettersen (Pixie) – Romantic Elements

Kate Parker (Pixie) – Historical

Jenna Stuart (ARWA) – Historical

Pat Detweiler (007) – Historical

Laurie Kellogg (007) – Contemporary Series

Jacqueline Floyd (Pixie) – Contemporary Series

Kayla Westra (007) – Inspirational

Anne Barton (Pixie) – Regency Historical

Julia Whitby (Pixie) – Romantic Elements

Laura Martello (007) – Romantic Elements

Tatia Talbot (Pixie) -

Joan Swan (Pixie) – Romantic Suspense

Shelley Coriell (Pixie) – Romantic Suspense

Cate Rowan (007) – Paranormal

(That’s THIRTEEN ’08ers on the list again this year. Do we have a talented group or what??)

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